Phd thesis tu berlin

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Phd thesis tu berlin

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The present dissertation, therefore, examines the phenomenon of sgraffito, a The present dissertation, therefore, examines the phenomenon of sgraffito, a technique in which motifs are scratched into smoothened or whitewashed plaster.

These decorations can be found as wall decorations on public and semi-public buildings, religious structures, and private dwellings. For the period in question 34 buildings with sgraffito decorations—preserved or otherwise accounted for—could be identified. They have been compiled into a catalogue of the objects under investigation in this study; their documentary value is assessed in a separate chapter.

Since many of the sgraffito renderings have only been preserved fragmentarily, extensively restored, or reconstructed, the question of their testimonial value must be treated with caution.

The chapter about the history of the technique explores its invention and further development. Scrutiny of the characteristics of the earliest known examples allows the origins of the sgraffito technique—unclear until today—to be traced back to stone work designs and masonry joints.

The chapter on technology addresses how artists and artisans executed the decorations before and after the Palazzo Medici. Written sources and, most importantly, close study of the decorated objects are the foundation for a reconstruction of the technique in its different stages, taking materials, tools and the time taken to execute these steps into account.

The fact that sgraffito decorations were used on both public and private buildings of importance suggests that they were intended to give the buildings a cachet of distinction. The chapter on the significance of sgraffito decorations examines which buildings were so decorated, and investigates who gave the work in commission and what their social standing was.

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In particular Rome and Pienza, where many examples of sgraffito have survived, are key locations in this context. Andreas Huth Florentiner Sgraffito-Dekorationen des Sarah Kamel.

PHD Student at TU-berlin. Locatie Berlin, Berlin, Germany Bedrijfstak Biotechnologie. Huidig: TU-berlin, Zewail City of Science and Technology, American university in cairo; Assisting and training students during their practical senior thesis work.

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Research Assistant National Research PHD Student at TU-berlin. PhD Program at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Technische Universität Berlin Application period for start in October texts and prepare for the thesis defence.

Supervision and Evaluation: PhD candidates are supervised. Since this is a presence-based programme, enrolment is mandatory for PhD students at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, a semester fee of approx.

euros including a public transportation ticket for Berlin and Brandenburg applies. More than seventy young scholars receive their Ph.D. annually.

Phd thesis tu berlin

Our research collaboration with top universities in North America, Europe, and Asia ensure a constant exchange of ideas and enable young scientists and scholars to undertake research stays that are mutually interesting and rewarding.

Researchers from FU, HU, and TU Berlin work together in order to obtain a better understanding of intelligence. Their cooperation in the central fields of thinking, learning, and perception offers an interdisciplinary environment to students.

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