Petrobras approves 2012-16 business plan

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Petrobras approves 2012-16 business plan

Moore, D. Hackett, L. Noda, J. Winter, R. Karski and M. However, there are market and political uncertainties that must be overcome in a relatively short period of time if Canada is to become a natural gas exporter to a country other than the United States.

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This report assesses the feasibility of Canadian exports and examines the policy challenges involved in making the opportunity a reality. Demand for natural gas in the Asia-Pacific region is forecast to grow over 60 per cent by LNG trade is expected to make up nearly two-thirds of global natural gas trade by Supply in the Asia-Pacific region is limited, requiring significant LNG imports with corresponding infrastructure investment.

This results in substantial price differentials between North America and the Asia-Pacific countries, creating a potentially lucrative opportunity for Canada. The lower North American prices are a reflection of the fact that there is a surplus of gas on this continent. Canada has a surplus of natural gas and there is growing demand in the Asia-Pacific region.

Proponents argue that all Canada needs to do is build and supply facilities to liquefy gas and ship it across the Pacific; the reality is not so simple. Timing is one of the key challenges Canada faces.

Producers around the world — including in the newly gas-rich U.

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While this market is robust and growing, the nature of the contracts for delivery will favour actors that are earliest in the queue; margins for those arriving late will be slimmer and less certain over time.

As supply grows, so too does the likelihood of falling gas prices in the Asia-Pacific region, making later projects less lucrative. LNG projects are feasible only on the basis of long-term contracts; once a piece of market share is acquired, it could be decades before it becomes available again.

Currently, there are more proposed LNG-export projects around the world than will be required to meet projected demand for the foreseeable future.

Delays beyond risk complete competitive loss of market entry for Canadian companies. Of equal concern is the lack of policy and regulatory co-ordination, with disagreements between governments over standards, process and compensation for those stakeholders involved in the potential LNG industry.

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Issues as basic as taxing and royalty charges for gas shipments between provinces and locating facilities and marine-safety standards remain unsettled in Canada. The B. The LNG market is much more complicated than current discussions suggest; this report delves into every aspect relevant for Canada as a potential exporter.

The prospect for Canada expanding into the Asia-Pacific market is entirely viable.

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Canada has almost everything going for it: Everything, that is, except a co-ordinated regulatory and policy regime. Without that, Canada could be shut out, stuck relying on a single U.

The authors would also like to thank Brian Conger and Stephanie Symonds for excellent research assistance.17/07/ - The SEPI Group obtained a consolidated net result of 60 million euros of profit in ; 16/07/ - Axis Property advising Kimia Solutions on the leasing of its new headquarters in.

Brazil's state-run Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) has approved its business plan with investments totaling $ billion and averaging $ billion/year.

petrobras approves 2012-16 business plan

Modern Energy - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. petrolera. Mar 19,  · Brazil’s state-run oil company Petrobras has announced that its Board of Directors has approved the Business & Management Plan ( BP), with investments of US$ bn, maintaining the same level of investments as last year’s Plan.

The oil company will spend the largest part of the allocated sum on exploration and production. Jul 08,  · CIS – CAP ARUBA OIL COMPANY – COMPANIA ARUBANO DI PETROLEO (GAS & OIL PIPE PROJECT) CAP COMPANIA ARUBANO DI PETROLEO.

Business address L.G. SMITH BLVD.

petrobras approves 2012-16 business plan

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