Ouline together we stand

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Wasi Mohamed, executive director of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, addressed mourners and worshippers at the Rodef Shalom Congregation, lauding the city's unity and the Jewish community's resilience.

Mohamed told Middle East Eye the funds will go directly to funeral costs and other expenses that may stem from the tragedy. This wasn't about a hateful act; this was about a hopeful community building solidarity in the shadow of a crisis.

The alleged murderer had made anti-Semitic comments on social media. The memorial service at Rodef Shalom marked the passing of one week since what is thought to have been the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in US history, and drew hundreds of people of all faiths and creeds from across the Pittsburgh area.

As Mohamed left the synagogue on Friday, several members of the Jewish community walked up to him to express their gratitude. He explained that early Jewish immigrants were vilified and isolated, much like Muslims today.

Mohamed added that beyond their experiences as minority groups, Muslim and Jewish Americans share Abrahamic faiths that allow them to relate to one another. We're here; we can actually talk about theology and the [religious] differences - what they believe and what we believe and have intellectual dialogue and civil discourse around things," Mohamed said.

He added that personal relationships make discussions about the Middle East less divisive and more productive. We can talk about how to move forward because we know each other," Mohamed said. Still, Mohamed said the rush from the Muslim community to demonstrate solidarity after the tragedy has helped to erase any assumptions among Jewish Americans that Muslims may hate them.

She added that there is "no demarcation" between religious groups, which have always enjoyed a harmonious relationship in Pittsburgh.

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Rebecca Remson, director of development and communications at Jewish Family and Community Services, a group that helps resettle refugees and provides humanitarian and social assistance, said it did not come as a surprise that the Muslim community came out in "full force" to show its support.

We've been a unified city. We'll continue to be a unified city. Mohamed called the Pittsburgh attack a "huge turning point" for the city. We're going to do it all together - Muslims and Jews leading the way," Mohamed said.2 days ago · We are striving to figure out what we need to keep working on and take our quality of cricket up.

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Ouline together we stand

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Ouline together we stand

Stand by your man: Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono continues to honor Sen. Daniel Inouye added by World Tribune on October 3, TOGETHER WE CAN BRING BACK HONEST REPORTING.

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