Justifying vietnam essay

Communism Vietnam, although not technically considered a war was an extended conflict that still had to be justified to an American people. The Tonkin Gulf Resolution was the identification of this extended conflict and was declared by Congress in making this conflict official. This resolution was justified because it was declared by a competent authority and was seen as being the best thing for the American people at the time, even though today it receives a lot of pessimism from those same Americans. We will write a custom essay sample on Vietnam:

Justifying vietnam essay

In addition, the question of whether US intervention was right has persisted until today, with accusations of imperialism gaining more credibility with comparison to recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vietnam War United States involvement started in with what started as an advisory role toward the Diem government of South Vietnam after the split between North and South Vietnam. US involvement continued with the creation of the Military Assistance and Advisory Group under the Eisenhower administration.

The one — freedom — knows man as a creature of God, blessed with a free and individual destiny, 3 governed by eternal moral and natural laws.

The second - Communism — claims man to be an animal creature of the state, curses him of his stubborn instinct for independence [and] governs with tyranny Time. Essentially, in this speech Eisenhower claims his interest to be the people under the rule of communism, enemy number one of the people of the US after the start of the Cold War.

The view that Eisenhower was concerned about the human rights of those living under communist rule can be backed up with the statement issued that the US would provide support for Vietnam to reunify, even Justifying vietnam essay communist rule, as long as fair and democratic elections were held.

Essentially, this statement said to the world that the US was concerned for the freedom of those in Vietnam, and whatever choice they made, it would be supported. It is these motives and how they are demonstrated that I wish to investigate in this essay, as well as how these motives were acted out throughout the chain of command, from the Presidency to the armed forces on the ground.

Ethics in Justifying vietnam essay There are two structures that bear the brunt of ethnical enquiry in the Vietnam War; the Government and the Armed Forces. For the purposes of this essay, I shall be treating both the Government and the Armed Forces as separate entities, despite the fact that the US Justifying vietnam essay of State is also head of the Armed Forces.

It is arguable that an enquiry into the ethics and integrity of law-makers and policy deciders does not answer the same questions as an enquiry into those who fulfil the tasks set by them. Those in positions of power have different ethical dilemmas to those who act on the will of others, with different motives and thought processes taking place in different power spheres.

Therefore, I shall split my enquiry into two parts, firstly concerning the Government. The ethical responsibilities of the government is an ambivalent topic; whereas it may be a requirement in many states to provide work and an opportunity to earn money for citizens to support themselves, other states fail in this responsibility in times of war or strife, or neglect these duties as has been exhibited in North Korea.

Johnson, US President at the time of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the tools in order to defend his people and those vulnerable to the opposing belligerents. It can be argued that the fall of Vietnam, and the rest of the region, into a communist regime would impact on trade and finances for the US, and in the long term would impact on the wellbeing of US citizens.

The fact that this can be seen as imperialism does not blur the ethical doctrine of the US, in that the opening of foreign markets through tactical support of compatible regimes seeks to secure the welfare of the United States through utilitarian means.

The ethical dilemma begins with how this act is carried out. The act of war can be justified morally if a greater amount of good comes from an act of violence by consequentialist reasoning, but whether the ethical values held by the US collective could be sacrificed for a greater good is another matter entirely.

English philosopher Thomas Hobbes attempted to explain the ethical process behind organized war. In his essay Of the Natural Condition of Mankind and the Laws of Nature, Hobbes asserted there are three principle causes for quarrel; competition, diffidence and glory.

The Korean War provided more evidence that East and South East Asia were coming under increasing communist influence, which economically would be disastrous for the US. With the breakdown of colonial influence in the region and the rising power of communism threatening to engulf many of the countries the US depended on for capitalist gains in the colonial era, the fight for capitalist control of Vietnam had become an important battleground the in the fight for resources.

Motives and Actions An enquiry towards the motives of war can often prove fruitless, as the full picture often cannot be completely evaluated.

Unless those enquiring about the motives toward war are faced with facts that are known to be true, possible motives can be constructed from what facts are known. Another possible way of gauging the ethics of governance is to enquire how these motives are carried out through action, with events in the Vietnam War providing excellent examples of double standards in ethics.

One of the most famous and well-documented examples of what is considered as a war crime is the My Lai massacre by US forces in The My Lai massacre can be regarded as a war crime for breaching these terms.

In a summary report by the University of Missouri — Kansas City, it was concluded that US forces killed at least civilian men, women and children in and around the My Lai area, as well as some personnel committing rapes umkc.

Civilians in a country at war become part of the warfare landscape; past wars have led to the taking of hostages and killing of civilians. The Geneva Convention attempts to protect these actors by creating universal rules of war that each and every force must subscribe to.


In the case of My Lai, these laws were broken, but who broke them is under scrutiny. When discussing the ethical issues of leadership with reference to his service in Korea and Vietnam, Johnson notices some trends and issues that effect military leadership to the core.The Vietnam War was a conflict between the communist, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

Justifying vietnam essay

In the wake of the Second World War western fears of a communist expansion throughout Asia were running high. Essay on The Vietnam War. The Vietnam War The Vietnam war was fought by the United States between the years of and It was basically the longest war the country had ever engaged itself in.

Justifying Vietnam Essay. In chapters 3 and 4 of Robert McMahon’s Major Problems in the History of the Vietnam War. there are a figure of grounds given for the increased American engagement in Vietnam from the late fortiess to the mid s.

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Involvement in the Vietnam War Was Justified The Vietnam conflict has been known for being the most unpopular war in the history of the United States. On the other hand, many think that American involvement in the Vietnam war was a justified action to take.

Strong alliance with the French. France has long been a . Justifying Vietnam In chapters 3 and 4 of Robert McMahon’s Major Problems in the History of the Vietnam War, there are a number of reasons given for the increased American involvement in Vietnam from the late s to the mid s.

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