Ideas to help with homework

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Ideas to help with homework

Joan Sedita Introduction Just as a carpenter needs the right tools such as a saw and hammer and basic skills such as how to measure and cut wood to frame a house, students need the right tools such as notebooks and assignment pads and basic study skills such as reading and note-taking skills to be successful in school.

We all know students who finish college with no formal study skills training. These students have problem-solving abilities which enable them to develop ideas to help with homework organization and study strategies. They can create their own systems for organizing, processing, and comprehending what they read or hear in class; planning homework and long-term assignments; studying for tests; and determining effective test-taking strategies.

Other students, however particularly those with learning disabilities need direct, systematic instruction to develop these skills. Learning disabilities related to reading, spelling, and writing skills; concrete or abstract organization skills; short- or long-term memory; or attention controls affect certain students' ability to self-design and independently apply study strategies.

These students can learn study skills, but they need specific instruction and sufficient practice to do so. Through my work with students with learning disabilities over the past twenty-five years, I have developed a flexible study skills model that can be taught in tutorials and small groups, as well as incorporated into regular class curricula.

Parts of the model can also be used by you, as a parent, to help your child become an independent learner. A study skills model The first part of the model addresses organization strategies for notebooks, materials, and assignments; study space; and time.

The second part addresses three "foundation" study skills: The final part of the model combines the foundation skills for building textbook, testing, and research and report writing skills.

The portions of the model which are most useful for parents as they work with their children are Organization strategies Reading and listening for main ideas Note-taking skills Suggestions for helping your child with these skills are included below.

Organization strategies The Master Notebook System The Master Notebook System helps students keep paperwork and materials organized and in one place, locate important papers, and refrain from carrying around unnecessary clutter. It also helps students prepare for tests because they compile and summarize work weekly.

"Best of" lists

The system has three parts: Working notebook Reserve accordion file Reference notebook Teachers or parents can help students not only set up the system but also transfer material from the working notebook to the reserve accordion file on a regular basis.

Working notebook The working notebook is the daily notebook your child takes to class. It holds all the papers and information needed each day. Any three-ring binder can serve as a working notebook; the nylon zippered type tends to last longer.

ideas to help with homework

Your child's working notebook should contain: This is important, because if the items are not attached to the notebook, they will get lost in backpacks or left at home or school.

One working notebook for all of your child's classes might be too large for some students, especially if they are in high school.Appoquinimink Schools and Offices will be closed on Monday.

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ideas to help with homework

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