Different types of business report

Not just any information, but essential information such as the facts, figures and analysis of a situation. The whole point of reports is to give a company the information it needs to make major decisions and plan for the future.

Different types of business report

What is a business report? Business reports are a type of assignment in which you analyse a situation either a real situation or a case study and apply business theories to produce a range of suggestions for improvement.

Business reports are typically assigned to enable you to: Examine available and potential solutions to a problem, situation, or issue. Apply business and management theory to a practical situation.

Demonstrate your analytical, reasoning, and evaluation skills in identifying and weighing-up possible solutions and outcomes. Reach conclusions about a problem or issue. Provide recommendations for future action. Show concise and clear communication skills. Remember that with business reports, typically, there is no single correct answer but several solutions, each with their own costs and benefits to an organisation.

It is these costs and benefits which you need to identify and weigh-up in your report. Further, when writing the report, you need to consider the audience you are writing for: It is vital that you ensure an appropriate level of formality, sensitivity, fairness, and objectivity.Types of Business Reports in Business Communication.

Reports on the basis of Importance or Frequency. 1. Ordinary or Routine Report; 2. Special Report; Reports on the Basis of Legal Formalities. 1. Formal Report; 2.

Informal Report; Reports on the basis of Function. 1. Informative Report; 2. Interpretative Report; Reports on the basis of meetings.

1. Verbation Reports; 2.

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Are used by different business organizations in order to conduct a thorough studies of a particular problem. Types of business reports 1. Typical Business Reports Situational Periodic Progress & Interim Convention & Conference Types of Reports Investigative Compliance Analytical Justification & Recommendation Feasibility Yardstick.

different types of business report

Jul 01,  · Different report styles are used to convey different types of information. They may be short and straight-forward, or long and complex, depending on the material and its intended use.

Are used by different business organizations in order to conduct a thorough studies of a particular problem. They uses a scientific approach to solve a particular problem Research reports discusses a problem statement or purpose statement Suggest ways on how to solve that problem.

BUSINESS REPORTS The Writing Centre Department of English 1 Part 1 For now, let’s focus on the different types of reports.

The most common types include Periodic reports – communicate the activities of an ongoing operation at equal and regular intervals.

For example, someone might write a quarterly sales report at a retail store. Business reports Each TimeLog business report is based on one specific issue.

For example, the internal/external analysis report provides management with relevant data in the form of each employee’s time consumption for internal and external projects.

Types of business reports in business communication