Cuny writing assessment

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Cuny writing assessment

The best way to arrange an appointment is to first contact me by email using the contact form on this website. In the field of education I have been a classroom teacher of special education, and director of behavioural services for school districts in New York, California and here in Canada.

Please email me to set up an appointment time.

Testing – The City University of New York

I usually answer emails and phone calls on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during office hours. Appointments are usually available within 10 days. I may have some cancellations and I will let you know once we communicate with each other. Usually testing is scheduled in hour blocks. Psychoeducational testing is often performed by myself and members of my team who are all certified school psychologists and, like myself, have many years of experience working in the classroom.

The CUNY Assessment Tests (CATs)

I have been a registered family therapist and clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy for over thirty years and hold a seperate graduate degree in marriage and family therapy.

These examinations need to be arranged through your legal representative. I have provided staff consultation to teachers, schools and mental health service organizations throughout British Columbia, California and Europe.

This includes individual case consultations and assessment services. Please check with your plan before making an appointment so you understand what is covered, and what is not.

I also provide diagnostic services for families seeking autism services from the provincial government or their local school district.

These assessments take well over hours of the psychologist time to complete. Please be aware of these costs. If you are undergoing a psychoeducational or autism assessment, the components of an ADHD assessment are incorporated into that assessment and there is no additional fee.

cuny writing assessment

College and University Students with Learning Disabilities: Please check with your college. Please note, however, that the funding is only provided after the assessment, and only if you then qualify.

I can make no guarantee that you will qualify. You will need to pay for the assessment and seek reimbursement. These services are behaviourally oriented, solution focused and brief. What about assessment and treatment for ADHD? I provide extensive services for ADHD.

Interactive Workshops

Some children and adolescents with ADHD also require a psychoeducational assessment to help develop an educational plan through their school district. Psychoeducational assessment, neuropsychological assessments and workplace or forensic assessments are billed separately and fees are discussed at our initial meeting.

These assessments included several hours of face-to-face testing, scoring and completing an analysis of the test results, and the writing of a comprehensive report for you and the schools based upon these results. We also meet for hours to discuss the test results and appropriate interventions for those with specific learning disabilities.

cuny writing assessment

I have been providing ADHD and psychoeducational assessments and treatment for children, adolescents and adults for over 25 years addressing relationship, workplace, school and social issues. This screening is usually completed on-line prior to our session, and the results guide us in making determinations about further testing and assessment.

Please email or call my office for further information or to set up an appointment. CBT has been shown to be effective with depression, stress, anxiety and anger management. Are you concerned your child has a learning disorder? Problems with reading, math, motivation or study skills?

Do you need help with the IEP process at your school? I can help you with all of these issues. A psychoeducational assessment is often the place to start and is necessary to obtain any school-based accommodations or specialized instruction.

My assessment results reflect my near decade of teaching in the public schools.

Testing – The City University of New York

I have worked with school districts and teachers for over 30 years as a school psychologist, director of behaviour management services and provincial consultant on autism spectrum disorder.

I hold a school psychologist licence and certification as a teacher of special education. For information about psychoeducational assessments for college and university students see the note above. We are usually able to arrange an assessment within three to four weeks.What are the CUNY Assessment Tests (CAT) in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics?

What skills do each of the tests measure? What scores on the CAT in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics must students achieve to demonstrate college readiness?

York College provides students with a one-of-a-kind educational experience. It offers many qualities of a major university, including a distinguished faculty and strong pre-professional programs.

In the Writing Directions for the CATW assignment, you are asked to “develop your essay by. identifying one idea” and explaining its significance. You are also told to support your ideas.

with evidence or examples from “what you have read, learned in school, and/or personally. BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Course Summary Get the help you need to prepare for the CUNY Assessment Test in Writing with our informative practice course.


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