Can research papers include pictures

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Can research papers include pictures

Shyness expert Lynne Kelly recently talked to Education World about how classroom teachers can better understand and help shy students. Eight tips for helping students overcome shyness. Johnny and Suzie both know the answers to their teacher's questions, but they never raise their hands in class to answer them.

They score high on the state's standardized tests but rarely participate in classroom discussion, regardless of the subject. They are both shy students and both hide behind their anxiety and fear of talking aloud in the classroom. Studies have shown that shy students are considered less competent.

Although shyness is not related to intelligence, shyness affects a student's overall educational experience negatively. Shyness becomes an important issue in the classroom when students are evaluated, in part, on their classroom participation.

In fact, research indicates that shy students who attend college will have significantly lower grade-point averages than students who do not suffer from shyness will.

Drawing Out the Shy Student: Point out to students when good communication behaviors have occurred and why they are good behaviors. This should be done for all students.

Do not single out shy students or label anyone as shy.

If you want students to stand up and give speeches, you need to explain how to do that. Don't assume students know what to do. If you assign an oral report on a topic, give students a format to follow so some of the ambiguity hence threat is removed.

Don't pick them apart for being wrong or unclear, but reinforce their good behaviors. Students are more apt to offer their answers if they have time to think about them first.

Never make fun of students. Don't put students on the spot and keep them there while everyone watches them squirm. Have individual conferences with students to get to know them and find out about them as communicators.

Do not ask them to read these or share them with peers. Goals should be small and realistic. Talk to students privately: Lynne Kelly, a professor of communication at the University of Hartford, is among the leading national experts on shyness and other communication disorders.

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She recently talked to Education World about how classroom teachers can better understand and help shy students. Kelly's current research interests include the nature and treatment of shyness and speech anxiety and computer-mediated communication and relationships.

She teaches courses in organizational and interpersonal communication, has co-authored four books, and has published or presented more than papers. Can you describe the primary reasons for shyness? It depends on whether you are talking about occasional, situational shyness or shyness that is more chronic.

I'm assuming you are talking about kids who are basically shy much of the time. If so, causes are the fundamental two: There is evidence that shyness is an inherited trait, so some people are born with a genetic predisposition for shyness.

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Does that mean they will be shy? That's where environment comes into play. If kids have good models, such as parents, teachers, or other significant adults who model effective communication, they are less likely to develop into shy people. Furthermore, if kids are not negatively reinforced for talking, they are less likely to develop into shy people.

Is there anything new in the field? There is increasing emphasis on the genetic causes of shyness and communication anxiety in general.

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There is substantial debate over whether anxiety about communication is inherited and whether we can help people much, if at all.Can you include pictures on an essay?

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Can research papers include pictures

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