Black sox thesis

More Essay Examples on Indians Rubric But oddly enough, his batting average total hits divided by attempts in the series was higher than his average compared to his batting average for the rest of the season.

Black sox thesis

Talks of the upcoming prohibition were in full swing, unemployment rates were around 20 percent, an influenza epidemic claimed half a million lives, and we saw the brutality of the red summer.

A time in US history where the odds were stacked against the nation. Background Playoffs were nearing an end and two teams were left standing, the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds.

A World Series that would be played Black sox thesis one of the teams won five games. At this point in time the heavy favorites were the White Sox over the Reds by odds marked 3: A team that had one Black sox thesis the highest payrolls that year and won 88 of their games.

Eight of the Chicago players were enticed by large sums of money to fix the World Series, allowing for the Cincinnati Reds to take home the pennant. Eight players who have gone down in history as selling out baseball.

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Applying the cherry on top of a wonderful year of Thesis An event that was highly publicized was the World Series. Naively taken at face value for so many people including the reporters. After the Reds won it all in game eight, the newspapers reported the game to the public with a play by play with no additional commentary in many cases.

No underdog stories, or comparisons to David and Goliath, and surely nothing pertaining to the strange things going on both off and on the field.

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Thankfully Hugh Fullerton was around to fight back and push the MLB to further investigate and save the name and reputation of the league.

Producing a column in the Evening World on December 15th, He was looked at as one of the best known sports writers of his time.

Hugh worked tirelessly in everything he did. He wrote a list of commandments for sports and everything else in life and the first one was about never quitting. An attitude he brought with him while trying to expose this historic scandal. In the days leading up to the start of the World Series Fullerton had suspicion that the games were going to be fixed.

A bulk of this suspicion came from the betting odds that had been swinging heavily away from the White Sox.

Black sox thesis

As mentioned above the Sox were favored to win 3: Money talks and Fullerton knew this. Not only could you look to the numbers but the buzz on the street was out and the Sox were going to throw the championship to Cincinnati. A story that no other reporter pushed back on.

Doing further research as the games played out Hugh took note of seven plays that seemed like odd errors and decisions by the player at the time. A team full of players that otherwise might have been inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Make Baseball Great Again Two months later on December 15th, Hugh Fullerton did what no other reporter was going to do and he called out the scandal, the White Sox organization, the players involved, and the general manager.

His story made the front page of the Chicago Herald Tribune for the country to see! Fullerton put the pressure on the MLB Commissioner and Comiskey to investigate the claims, clear out the fog and take action against those involved if so found guilty.

Up to this point the supposed corruption was being talked about around the country. The problem was the lack of investigation ongoing by the MLB and its respective teams. It seemed everyone felt baseball was too large and pure to dive into gambling and scandal.

The media greats have generally had a drive to unravel the truth and provide the public with the correct information. Providing information to the people by applying firm pressure onto the person or organization involved.

This is exactly what Hugh Fullerton did in the months preceding the World Series. Hugh was tired of the passive attitude amongst the American League, National League, and those running baseball be that the commissioner or the gamblers. Big Claims and no Names Hugh made a column that fronted the daily paper.

The column did not stand out as if Fullerton had uncovered a great big mystery, this was for a few reasons. At the time he did not have indisputable evidence. Crooks and gamblers were providing him with a large extent of his information at the time.AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF Jeremy Deckard for the Masters of Art name of student) (degree) in History presented on featuring black and white ball players lined the pockets of tournament directors and team Chattanooga (Tennessee) White Sox, a lower-level, segregated Negro League squad.

Black sox thesis

By , he was already considered a “gun for. Black Sox scandal of , necessitated a response due to the post-war increase in patriotism and the fans’ need to see that baseball as a representation of American values of hard work and integrity of character over the desire to make money.

Expound on the topic The post Black Sox Scandal appeared first on View the step-by-step solution to: how did the black sox scandal impact major league baseball, players today, the hall of fame, and society and help with a thesis for a research paper?.

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Black Sox Scandal Thesis Essay. The Chicago “Black Sox” scandal is one of the biggest instances of sports deception in professional sports history - Black Sox Scandal Thesis Essay introduction. It was the one and only known time where members of a professional sports team had thrown the World Series because of bribery.

Thesis Statement The baseball World Series was a major turning point in the world of sports. This is because it changed peoples perspective on how they view professional sports, especially baseball.

The Black Sox Baseball Scandal - HISTORY