An analysis of the many assorted themes in the tale of two cities

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An analysis of the many assorted themes in the tale of two cities

Jerry Cruncher, for instance, considers his nocturnal occupation a viable source of income to provide for his hungry family but Mr.

Lorry views it as an abhorrent practice worthy of censure. Under scrutiny Cruncher admits that the sights of the bloody revolution in Paris have convinced him that such an occupation is immoral and he resolves to give up the practice.

An analysis of the many assorted themes in the tale of two cities

The litany of wrongs suffered by the French peasants including the horrible execution of Gaspard serves to create sympathy for events such as the storming of the Bastille.

Class Struggle The overarching theme of the novel is the struggle between those who have power and privilege and those who do not. At the beginning of the story, the French aristocrats exercise complete and more-or-less unfettered freedom to persecute and deprive those of the lower classes.

Later, when the tables have turned, it is the peasants who use their newly discovered power to harshly persecute the aristocrats through mass executions and imprisonment. Darnay notes when he is first interred in La Force prison that the rough looking men are in charge and the prisoners are polite and civil.

Jerry Cruncher is deeply affected by the revolution and he more than any other English character in the novel would have reason to be inspired by the uprising of the French poor.

But as a good Englishman, his avowal that its bloody sights have caused him to reconsider his grave robbing occupation indicates that he, at least, recognizes the futility in avenging violence with violence.

He makes this willingness known well before the dangers of the revolution overtake the family when he says to Lucie: This theme is furthered by the seamstress who accompanies Carton to the Guillotine who hopes that by her death her cousin, a long-suffering member of the peasant class, will profit by the bloody revolution.

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Charles Darnay is willing to sacrifice his own happienss when he returns to France in an attempt to save the life of his former servant. Furthermore, Doctor Manette is shown to sacrifice his own mental health when he suffers a relapse of his prison-born derangement by allowing the nephew of his nemesis to marry his daughter.

The oppressiveness of penal time is illustrated in the litany of "eighteen years" that Mr. Some of us have damp ways and some of us have dry ways" 57 reveals that the clerk has not considered that those whose ways are damp, and illegal, would want to change the prevailing mode of punishment.PREFACE to first edition.

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