A biography of winfield scott a us general

Early years[ edit ] In addition to Scott using this coat of arms for his bookplate[3] the Army has incorporated it into unit heraldry including the 1st and 7th Engineer Battalions. InScott began attendance at the College of William and Marybut he soon left in order to study law in the office of attorney David Robinson, where his contemporaries included Thomas Ruffin. William Upshaw, an Army medical officer and Wilkinson friend who had preferred the court-martial charges against Scott; [21] Scott blamed him for causing the court-martial by repeating Scott's anti-Wilkinson remarks to Wilkinson. Scott served primarily on the Niagara Campaign front in the War of

A biography of winfield scott a us general

Visit Website Did you know? Armistead were close friends. Military Career Commissioned a brevet second lieutenant in the U. Army, Hancock spent the next two years serving in Indian Territory and as a recruiting officer in Ohio and Kentucky.

Biography Civil War Union General Winfield Scott Hancock “General Hancock is one of the handsomest men in the United States Army,” wrote Regis de Trobiand in July “He is tall in stature, robust in figure, with movements of easy dignity . Winfield Scott: Winfield Scott, American army officer who held the rank of general in three wars and was the unsuccessful Whig candidate for president in He was the foremost American military figure between the Revolution and the Civil War. Scott was commissioned a captain . As a cadet at West Point, young Ulysses S. Grant considered General Winfield Scott "the finest specimen of manhood my eyes had ever beheld," and admired his skills as a general. Nicknamed "Old.

His first combat experience came during the Mexican-American Warin which he served under his namesake, Major General Winfield Scott. Hancock was wounded in the leg at the Battle of Churubusco in Augustand later saw action at the Battle of Molino del Rey.

Recognized for his leadership qualities, Hancock next served in a succession of administrative posts in Minnesota and Missouri. During a stint in St. Louis he met Almira Russell, the daughter of a successful merchant. The couple married in and went on to have two children.

After participating in an expedition to the Utah Territory, he was transferred west and spent two years serving as a quartermaster in southern California. Army after the Civil War broke out in After a brief stopover in WashingtonD.

At the Battle of Williamsburg, Hancock ordered a counterattack that routed Confederate forces and captured a rebel flag. Richardson was killed in action. Noted for his remarkable calm under fire, Hancock received a promotion to major general of volunteers two months later. His unit was heavily engaged at the Battle of Fredericksburg in December when commanding Union General Ambrose Burnside ordered a charge on the heavily entrenched Confederate lines.

Hancock was grazed by a musket ball during the futile assault, and his division suffered a staggering 1, casualties. Hancock was wounded a second time in May at the Battle of Chancellorsville when his division screened the Union retreat.

Finding himself temporarily in command of the entire left wing of the Union Army, Hancock skillfully deployed his troops along the high ground at Cemetery Hill, effectively setting the stage for the rest of the battle.

Hancock personally conducted the Union defense, riding on horseback even under heavy fire. His corps fought well at the Battle of the Wilderness in Mayinitially driving back Confederate forces near the Plank Road. Hancock next led his corps during the Siege of Petersburg June Marchin which he participated in several engagements including the two Battles of Deep Bottom.

Hill routed his troops and inflicted nearly 3, casualties. Still suffering the effects of his Gettysburg wound, Hancock chose to resign from field command in November In July he presided over the execution of the conspirators involved in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

Later Life Hancock chose to remain in the army after the Civil War and later headed both the Department of the Missouri and the Department of the Dakota. In Hancock was charged with heading the Department of the Atlantic, a large command that encompassed much of the Northeast.

During this time he became increasingly involved in politics, and in he won the Democratic nomination for president. But despite only trailing by some 10, total votes, he was ultimately defeated by Republican James A.

A biography of winfield scott a us general

Following his presidential loss, Hancock returned to his post at the Department of the Atlantic and later served as president of the National Rifle Association. He died at Governors Island, New Yorkin at the age of Winfield Scott. The American Winfield Scott () was the leading general of the Mexican War and a superb tactician.

He was the Whig nominee for president in Winfield Scott became a soldier at a time when the U.S. Army was very ineffective. Biography Civil War Union General Winfield Scott Hancock “General Hancock is one of the handsomest men in the United States Army,” wrote Regis de Trobiand in July “He is tall in stature, robust in figure, with movements of easy dignity .

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A biography of winfield scott a us general

Description. Nicknamed “Old Fuss and Feathers,” Winfield Scott served on active duty for 53 years, longer than any other man in American history. Scott was a huge man, standing at 6-foot He commanded forces in the War of , the Black Hawk War, the Mexican-American War and was briefly the Commander General during the Civil War.

Watch video · Serving under General Winfield Scott, Lee distinguished himself as a brave battle commander and brilliant tactician. In the aftermath of the U.S.

. "winfield scott biography" Cancel. Book Format: Hardcover | Kindle Edition | Paperback. Winfield Scott: The Quest for Military Glory Memoirs of Lieut.-General Winfield Scott (Voices Of The Civil War) Jun 28, by Timothy D.

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